What we do

We maximise triangulation opportunities across the global supply chain. Our on-line collaborative ‘open market’ platform enables wharf carriers to exchange containers in a way that was previously not possible. Why return or collect a container from the costly bottlenecks that they call container parks when you can exchange the container with another carrier on better terms. It’s a better – faster – smarter way of doing business.


How we do it

We employ the best talent and partners with a passion for innovation and finding new and better ways to deliver value to our customers. We combine this with smart technology that delivers simple and effective solutions that make a real and positive impact on our customers’ businesses.


Where we plan to go

Australia is the proud birthplace of MATCHBOX Exchange. We will leverage off our success here in Australia and take MB to the world of container logistics.

After spending 12 years as the CEO of one of Australia’s leading wharf logistics businesses, MATCHBOX Exchange (MB) founder, Carl Marchese, experienced first-hand the waste and cost that empty container parks add to the international supply chain every day. Sending trucks into container parks for hours on end to return or collect containers (often the same containers) remains such a waste of valuable transport resources. There had to be a better way.

Solving this problem that affects the worldwide container logistics industry has been the inspiration behind the creation of MATCHBOX Exchange. Henceforth, an on-line ‘open market’ platform was created that empowers and facilitates collaboration between shipping lines and wharf carriers, enabling them to exchange shipping containers in a way that eliminates the need to transit through costly container parks.

The Founder’s vision for a better – smarter – faster industry has already been validated with industry savings between $200- $250 per container when using the MB platform. In the spirit of progression, the innovation also serves to positively impact road safety, reduce carbon emissions and create a far more responsible and competitive supply chain.

“The MATCHBOX initiative is another disruptive technological advance in the shipping logistics chain that uses information technology to reduce real world transportation costs.  I believe MATCHBOX has the potential to be a very useful addition to the Sea Freight Logistics chain.”

– Brett Plummer, Managing Director, South East Queensland Hauliers

“Great efficiency, time and money saver for the everyday container transporter in a competitive market. Can’t do without it now!”

– Jeffrey Johnston, General Manager, Johnstons Transport

“MATCHBOX is a program that has saved our company a lot of time and money. Along with this, the program’s clean interface makes it incredibly easy to use and allows us to exchange boxes without having to contact the shipping line.”

– Jack Norton, Operations, TNS Warehousing & Logistics

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