Global Shipping Lines and Wharf Carriers:

What’s in it for you?
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    Managers and Owners

    Efficiency and financial savings. Improve your bottom line and achieve more with less.

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    You are able to make more deliveries with the same amount of resources. Jobs are done sooner, you can go home earlier, there is less stress. More options are at your disposal to meet deadlines when time is sensitive – a hedge against unforeseen challenges.

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    More reliable delivery times. Less fees for waiting time.

Features and benefits
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    Circumvent the Empty Container Parks

    No more unreliable service times, no more late fees, no more dependancy on ECP opening hours, no more having to coordinate bookings with the ECP and the wharf, and no more wasted transport legs.

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    Cut Costs

    Reduce admin and travel costs, stop worrying about penalty fees, forget about costs associated with delays at the ECP, and eliminate handling and storage costs at the ECP. Per container, Shipping Lines save between $80 – $120, and Carriers save between $50 – $100 (Metro).

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    Become More Capable

    Improve stock turnover, improve truck efficiency and productivity, and gain a significant increase in triangulations.