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Who We Are

MATCHBOX Exchange is the world’s first online ‘open-market’ platform for the exchange of shipping containers between logistics companies.

Currently, logistics companies depend heavily on empty container parks to meet their clients’ needs. MATCHBOX Exchange is focused on leveraging it’s web app and the local network of logistics businesses to remove redundant processes, such as the dependability on empty container parks.

Through years of experience and expertise, we have identified what works well in the industry, and what can be improved upon. We have transferred this expertise into a platform that offers a better – faster – smarter logistics model for shipping lines and wharf carriers.

Like our technology, our team is focused on constant reinvention.

To deliver better – faster – smarter landside logistics
to the world of transport.

Delivered Through
An App for a Smarter Industry

MATCHBOX Exchange empowers and facilitates collaboration between shipping lines and wharf carriers enabling them to exchange shipping containers in a way that eliminates the need to transit through costly container parks. Just sign up, log in, and see all the options available to you that were never available before.


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